The Silver-Weibull Disintegrator is a very high-quality, rugged, swinging hammer-and-grate machine. It is designed for reducing trash, leaves, and weeds which have been separated from the beets by the beet washer to a pulverized condition so that they may be added to the pulp or to the diffuser. It is designed for continuous, heavy-duty service.
The construction is as follows:

FRAME: The frame is a weldment of heavy mild steel plates with a 13-inch by 24-inch top entrance pre-drilled for attaching a feed chute and with lower flanges pre-drilled for installation on anchor bolts. The bottom discharge opening is 24 inches by 48 inches. A tramp iron trap and tray are incorporated inside the frame.
SHAFT: The horizontally rotating shaft is a cold finished round, keyward for mounting the rotor and the drive.
ROTOR: The rotor is made of heavy steel cheek plates separated by spacers stainless steel pins are installed through the plates to support the hammers.
HAMMERS: Twenty, extra heads, cast steel hammers which are hardfaced at their tips and equipped with bronze bushings and grease fittings grind the trash against the grates. Tip circle diameter and swing width are each 24 inches.
GRATES: The grates are formed and perforated steel plates with adjustable mountings at each end.
BEARINGS: Two spherical roller bearing pillow blocks, mounted on the housing exterior, support the rotation shaft. They are generously sized for long life.
DRIVE: The disintegrator is arranged for direct coupling to an 1800 rpm electric motor of up to 150 horsepower. The motor may be coupled to either end of the shaft. A guard is provided for the unused end.
A coat of red oxide primer is applied to the exterior of the disintegrator. It is shipped ready for installation on the foundation. The customer is to provide the foundation, the feed and the discharge chutes, and a base for the motor .