Since 1987 Silver Weibull USA has performed precision balancing for Continuous Centrifugal Baskets and many other rotating parts. Our maximum capacity is 5000 lbs with a maximum distance between supports of 78 inches.

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Please call for information: 1-800 845-8957

The Silver-Weibull Continuous Vertical Crystallizer is a cylindrical vessel with a vertical axis. The vessel is 11 feet-O inches inside diameter and varies in height depending on the volume required. Each heat exchange element consists of a serpentine arrangement of 3 inch diameter (Schedule 40) pipe located in a horizontal plane. These elements are positioned on 2 feet vertical centers throughout the height of the crystallizer providing a surface to volume ratio of approximately 0.5Ft2 /Ft3 (1.64 M2 /M3 )..... learn more>>>

Please call for information 1-800 845-8957

The Silver-Weibull Reheater consists of a robust, reinforced vessel with a replaceable heat exchanger bundle. The construction is modular so that a double size vessel uses two identical heat exchanger bundles. The all welded construction uses 3/8" carbon steel plate with adequate angle stiffeners and is tall enough to provide sufficient head to the massecuite being reheated. For best performance with heavy massecuites the vessel should be kept as full as possible..... learn more>>>

Model 4630 Super Silver-Weibull Continuous Centrifugal operating on the thin-layer principle and incorporating the latest technology consisting of the following major components: Sugar Housing -45" (1143mm) high, 80" (2032mm) diameter, carbon steel walls and top, Included are a stainless steel sugar housing wash ring, inspection doors and sugar sampler......learn more>>>

MODEL 3630 Super Silver Weibull Continuous Centrifugal operating on the thin layer principle and incorporating the latest technology consists of the following major components: Sugar Housing 39.25" (997 rom) high, 66" (1676 rom) diameter, carbon steel walls and top. Includes a stainless steel sugar housing wash ring, inspection doors and sugar sampler........learn more>>>

Stainless steel feed nozzle with sight glasses to observe flow, installed above the sealed stainless steel Silvortex heater to prevent any cooling ambient air from entering the centrifugal. The Silvortex heater is adouble-walled cone which provides controllable heating via super saturated steam as massecuite drops into .......learn more>>>

Various methods of increasing pol extraction with conventional milling tandems are being propagated by the manufacturers of sugar factory equipment following different theories for improving the milling process. One method, for example, is to increase the number of rolls per tandem; another, by maceration after the last mill, and final pressing in a screw press.......learn more>>>

The Silver-Weibull Disintegrator is a very high-quality, rugged, swinging hammer-and-grate machine. It is designed for reducing trash, leaves, and weeds which have been separated from the beets by the beet washer to a pulverized condition so that they may be added to the pulp or to the diffuser. It is designed for continuous, ........learn more>>>

The washer compartments are provided with slot-perforated. sheet steel screen bottoms. Manholes are provided laterally below the screens and washing tank bottom is provided with mud discharging pockets and valves. ........learn more>>>

Silver-Weibull develops and manufactures individual and multiple effect evaporation equipment. We design to suit your application. A. Our conventional calandria evaporators feature the following: Minimal product degradation -designed to eliminate stagnant pockets or accumulations of heavy concentrations due to uncontrolled recirculation within the body. Exceptionally efficient heat transfer.........learn more>>>

Stop entrainment carryover from evaporators and pans to boiler feed water, heaters, pans, and condenser leg lines. Stop BOD and get the sugar in the bag. Sugar factory evaporation processes produce sugar carrying mists whose terminal settling velocities are less than the rising vapor velocity. Therefore, these droplets are carried out of the vapor belt regardless of its height. .........learn more>>>