MODEL 3630 Super Silver Weibull Continuous Centrifugal operating on the thin layer principle and incorporating the latest technology consists of the following major components:
Sugar Housing 39.25" (997 rom) high, 66" (1676 rom) diameter, carbon steel walls and top. Includes a stainless steel sugar housing wash ring, inspection doors and sugar sampler.
Housing painted inside and out with high quality two part enamel paint.
Compact Spindle Assembly High strength heat treated alloy steel shaft, conservatively rated standard bearings (spherical roller at top and double row ball at bottom) and
positive oil seals.
Silvortex Heater - Double walled, stainless steel cone mounted in centrifugal top to provide steam for additional heating of massecuite as it drops into the massecuite conditioner.
Massecuite Conditioner (Accelerator Bell Assembly) Stainless Steel. Intimately mixes and conditions the massecuite for easy purging and then properly distributes the conditioned massecuite into the bottom of the basket assembly.
Basket Assembly 30° slope, 36" (914 mm) nominal upper diameter. Special stainless steel cone with holes midway up the basket wall, and slots at the top to provide efficient
elimination of molasses. The basket assembly is dynamically balanced with backup and working screens installed.
Backup Screen - Stainless steel, woven screen with flattened top, easily replaceable but very strong, installed in the basket.
Main Working screen, one set of main working screens, instialled in the basket. Tools for installing screens incIuded with first machine per factory.
Molasses Compartment Stainless Steel fabrication. Supported on the base by rubber vibration mounts. Seals at the top or the molasses compatment insure a close fitting
labytrinth with the basket shrouds to eliminate any molasses carry-over into the sugar compartment.
Drive Unit Sheaves ,powerband V-belt and motor to provide a nominal basket speed of 2280 rpm. The basic motor is a foot mounted 1800 (nominal) rpm, totally enclosed, fan cooled, 326T frame, 1.15 service factor at 40°C ambient temperature, NEMA design B Class F insulation for 460 volts, 3 phase, 60 Hertz.*
Main Control Cabinet For 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 Hertz power supply. Includes main disconnect circuit breaker, starter, over-current protection, control transformer and interlocking devices wired and mounted in a gasketed watertight metal cabinet. Also contains the main motor and lubrication pump motor start/stop push-buttons and ammeter for indicating main motor load. Special circuit for running overload is provided
to protect the motor from long-term buildup heat.*
Lubrication System Continuous oil flow system, includes pump, totally enclosed non ventilated electric motor (1/4 HP,110 VAC, single phase, 60/50 Hertz), flow sight gauge, oil
flow switch and reservoir. Oil flow switch is interlocked with main 'motor controls to prevent centrifugal operation without oil flow, with overheated oil or with low viscosity oil. System is prepiped and installed under the machine. Wiring is provided to a point near the main motor for easy connection.
Massecuite Feed Valve, Manual Manually operated 8' butterfly valve. Massecuite flow into machine is adjusted by hand to suit conditions.
Massecuite Feed Nozzle Fabricated of stainless steel and installed between the massecuite feed valve and the Silvortex Heater to provide a seal which prevents any ambient air from entering the centrifugal, includes windows to observe
massecuite flow.
Process Wash System Stainless steel lances to selectively wash the sugar as it is purged while passing up the screen in a thin layer. Includes manual valves, hose and clamps, water Flowmeter, pressure gauges, water-steam injectors and water strainers and check valves for control of steam and water. Steam/water manifolds are provided to facilitate piping.
Dial Thermometer - For indicating temperature of massecuite in the feed line.
Standard Machine Washing System (Manual) - Includes manually operated valves, hose and clamps, to supply hot water to clean the basket, massecuite conditioner, molasses housing and sugar compartment.
Special Note:
All critically stressed parts in contact with massecuite or molasses are made with a special alloy stainless steel which is resistant to chloride stress corrosion.
Approximate shipping weight: 5252 Ibs. (2382 Kg) each
Approximate shipping volume: 247 cu.ft. (7.0 cu.M.) each