Various methods of increasing pol extraction with conventional milling tandems are being propagated by the manufacturers of sugar factory equipment following different theories for
improving the milling process. One method, for example, is to increase the number of rolls per tandem; another, by maceration after the last mill, and final pressing in a screw press.
Silver Weibull's proven method of boosting milling extraction, as well as capacity, of any given milling tandem is by intensifying preparation of the cane with the unique Silver Weibull Cane Fiberizer prior to entering the first mill. This method is based on the recognition of the below stated facts:
The central portion of the cane stalk contains the largest amount of sucrose. The juice from the outer porticn of the cane stalk, the rind, contains only 23% of the pol which is at a lower purity. *
With a more thorough preparation, rupturing as many cells as possible of the rich juice storage cells of the cane center, not only extraction by diffusion becomes possible, but also
extraction by repeated maceration (or imbibition) and squeezing is made easier and more efficient. Roll pressure can be reduced because of the preparation that was done prior to milling. The mill setting can be opened up, allowing for a greater throughput- and the cane preparation with a Fiberizer, producing long fiber prepared cane, improves feedability at the same time, which is essential to a capacity increase with mills. Only a machine with
wide hammers (approx. 6 inches) such as the Fiberizer produces long easy feeding fibers.
We believe this to be the more reasonable approach to improved mill extraction and increased mill capacity. Generally, a tight setting can be maintained in the last mill, controlling bagasse moisture at a tolerable level.