Silver Weibull USA develops and manufactures individual and multiple effect evaporation equipment. We design to suit your application.
Our conventional calandria evaporators feature the following:
Minimal product degradation designed to eliminate stagnant pockets or accumulations of heavy concentrations due to uncontrolled recirculation within the body.
Exceptionally efficient heat transfer due to careful and thorough attention to steam velocity distribution, non condensible gas scavenging, and condensate drainage which assure uniformity of evaporation over all tubes.
Minimum maintenance costs by minimizing impingement of steam on tubes and providing proper condensate drains which minimizes pooling.
Low entrainment carryover due to low velocity and ample height in vapor belt and by dynamically designed separators. See Silver Weibull USA VaporMaze below.
Our falling film type evaporators employ in addition to the above features, a simpIe and unique distribution system to assure consistently uniform distribution of liquor to the tube walls that is virtually unaffected by accumulation of scale.
This type of evaporator has the following advantages due to elimination of the elevated boiling point which is inherent with the hydrostatic submergence of the calandria type:
Higher heat transfer rates.
The very lowest product degradation.
The use of lower pressure vapors which often permit one additional evaporating effect.
Greater available temperature difference for increased effectiveness of heating surface.
The following auxiliary equipment is also offered by Silver Weibull USA:
Tube and Shell Juice Heaters with the following attributes:
Proper velocity for highest heat transfer.
Individually designed for liquid volume and heating load.
Carbon steel with stainless steel tubes standard; all stainless if needed.
Each end features removable door and davit for easy tube maintenance.
Arranged for stacking, if needed.
Barometric Condensers of carbon steel or stainless steel construction.
Designed for load and adequately sized.
Concurrent jet or cascade tray.
Proper discharge design for no choking.
Condensate Recovery Systems and Flash Tanks individually designed for each evaporator station to provide greatest heat recovery and efficiency.
VaporMaze Entrainment Separators to save sugar and reduce BOD/COD to acceptable levels.
Designed for each service to fit inside new or existing bodies.
External installation in separate enclosures also available.
Intermeshed "U" design removes entrained liquid better than any other type.
Low pressure drop and no reentrainment.
The Silver Weibull USA Falling Film type of evaporator eliminates the elevated boiling point inherent with the hydrostatic submergence of the calandria type vessel. This allows the use of the lower pressure vapors which often permits one additional evaporating effect. And, the greater available temperature difference increases the effectiveness of the heating surface. Heat transfer coefficients are as much as 100% greater than in conventional Roberts-type evaporators.
The greater evaporation rate results in:
Less heating surface required in station
Less sugar destruction
Less color formation
Higher attainable RDS
Our Falling Film Evaporator features a simple distribution system which assures even delivery of juice to cover the entire tube surface. The system is virtually unaffected by accumulation of scale and provides consistent performance week after week. The juice being recyled from the lower catch basin is quietly fed to horizontal weir troughs from an exterior annulus. The juice flows over the weirs to the top tube sheet to be evenly swirled down the inside diameter of every tube. The unique (patent pending) design is simple to install and maintain.
Silver Weibull vessels are designed and fabricated to ASME standards. ASME coding is available if needed. Each body is carefully designed and manufactured to eliminate stagnate pockets or accumulations of heavy concentration due to uncontrolled re-circulation. Careful attention is given to steam velocity distribution, noncondensible gas scavenging and condensate drainage. Maintenance costs are held low by minimizing impingement of steam on tubes and assuring uniformity of evaporation over all tubes.