Stop entrainment carryover from evaporators and pans to boiler feed water, heaters, pans, and condenser leg lines. Stop BOD and get the sugar in the bag. Sugar factory evaporation processes produce sugar carrying mists whose terminal settling velocities are less than the rising vapor velocity. Therefore, these droplets are carried out of the vapor belt regardless of its height. Common entrainment separators either do not stop these droplets or re-entrain them. This means sugar is lost and ends up in places where it is not wanted This costs money and causes discharge problems.
The Silver-Weibull Vapormaze is a highly efficient, low pressure drop device that will reduce entrainment so that leg line water will show a sugar content of 50 parts per million or less. An actual 24 hour a day, five day test on two identical pans showed leg line concentrations \of sugar of 152.2 parts per million for the original installation compared to 20.9 parts per million per the leg line water from the pan equipment with the Silver VaporMaze. This means more than 130 parts per million of sugar were being returned to ithe process, a savings of 3100 Ibs. of sugar assuming the condensler used 2,000 gallons per minute. Each system that had a Silver Weibull VaporMaze installed ahead of its condenser could save that amount of sugar each day of the campaign.
The Silver Weibull USA VaporMalze uses a Series of vertical "U" shaped vanes; the number and length of which are calculated for each vessel and service. Adjacent vanes form a long narrow opening that guides the vapor flow into the form of a long narrow jet. A second outlet "U" shaped vane is nested with each pair of inlet vanes. This second vane is located such that its inner surface becomes an impingement target for the jet. The sides of the inlet and outlet vanes form another "nozzle" that impinges a secondary jet on the inner surface of the inlet vane. The vapor must make two 180 reversals in direction to flow through a set of vanes. This eliminates bypassing, which is common in other types of separators.
The spacing and location of these vanes is very carefully determined so the sugar-carrying droplets adhere to the vanes but not re-entrained by turbulence. Turbulence is minimized so the pressure drop through the separator is low. The upper and lower ends of the vanes are supported by a structure that permanently holds them at the proper spacing and position. The only attention the separator needs is a periodic flushing with wash water and a nozzle or nozzles are supplied for this purpose.
VaporMaze separators can be furnished in various arrangements and types external types for connecting in vapor lines and internal types for mounting in existing vessels. Usually, either type can be arranged to use in existing piping with a minimum of change.
Internal types of separators are custom built to fit existing vessels. We have furnished separators for evaporators with vapor flows of ov r 200,000 pounds per hour.
For further information on an entrainment separator that really stops carryover, fill out the attached data sheets for a proposal and ask for per user list.
To do a better job of sizing entrainment separators and condensers, we require the following information from future customers:

Type of strike.
Capacity of strike.
Graining volume.
Average brix of feed..
Average brix of strike.
Average time for graining.
Average time for strike.
Vapor load to condenser.
Diameter of pan.
Diameter of vapor exit.
Square feet of heating surtace.
Steam pressure.
Average vacuum at which pan is boiled.
Average barometric pressure or altitude above sea level.
Maximum temperature of cooling water.
Diameter of evaporator.
Diameter of vapor exit.
Square feet of heating surface.
Vapor load in pounds per hours
Temperature or absolute pressure of vapor.
Steam pressure to calandria.
Average barometric pressure or altitude above sea level.
Maximum temperature of cooling water.
Collection point of the leg water of the separator.
Height of vapor belt.
Silver-Weibull designs and manufactures equipment for crystallizing sugar from solution. Special designs are provided to suit specific applications.
Silver Weibull USA Calandria Pans include the following features:
-Superior crystal products, uniform grain size, and a minimum of conglomerates.
-High product yield per cubic foot of capacity.
-Excellent heat transfer characteristics resulting from consistently active circulation of liquor and efficient calandria baffling.
-Circulation aided by double cone bottoms.
-Juice feed inlet under calandria through ring distributors. Minimal undrained volumes above discharge valve and feed inlet.
-Balanced steam velocity in calandria. Concurrent flow of condensate and non-condensibles with steam.
-Slotted condensate outlets discharging into bustles.
-Centrifugal (VaporMaze) separators with entrainment baffles resulting in entrainment losses below measurement by conventional laboratory methods.
-Straight-sided configuration for best circulation of all massecuite.
-Low graining volume. Proper heating surface to strike volume ratio. Proper ratio of tube cross section area to centerwell area.
-Adequate disengagement ratio to tube length. Silver Weibull USA Vacuum Pans are consistently higher performing than any other pan are carefully designed and constructed for long life.