Stainless steel feed nozzle with sight glasses to observe flow, installed above the sealed stainless steel Silvortex heater to prevent any cooling ambient air from entering the centrifugal. The Silvortex heater is adouble-walled cone which provides controllable heating via super saturated steam as massecuite drops into conditioner. The stainless
steel massecuite conditioning chamber is oversized for increased residence time for conditioning the product for easier purging. The accelerator bell distributes uniformly
onto the receiving pan section of the basket.
Adjustable stainless steel process wash pipe allows the operator to select the location of woshwater for varying applications. This non-clogging design utilizes steam and/or water.
State of the art, high strength shear spun cone basket. Silver Weibull USA offers the safest baskets in the industry. The efficient design incorporates a true "prepurge" area to purge 10-20% of the molasses/syrup in the first stage, avoiding energy consumption to further spin, and contributing to the highest energy efficiency in the market. The prepurge allows a quicker separation of liquid fram aystaIs without the addilion of wash media.
The prepurged liquid can be captured willa an optional syrup separation device.
Rubber mounts allow non-contact, close fitting seal. This low maintenance feature is a non-contact seal with a turning ring which catches and directs molasses away from the seal to eliminate molasses carryover.
Technical Specifications:
Basket Diameter: 1320(52)
Prepurge Basket Angle: 25"
Working Basket Angle: 30 degrees.
Basket Speed Max: 1800 RPM
Max Purging Force: 2395 G
Pre-Purge Screen Area: 3097 sq cm(480 sq in)
Working Screen Area: 15614 sq cm (2420 sq in)
Total Working Screen Area: 18711 sq cm (2900 sq in)
Housing Diameter: 2150 (84.6)
Housing Height: 1250 (49.2)
Power: 90 Kw (125HP)
Center Distance Between Centrifugals: 2350 (92.5)
Approximate Shipping Weight 5443 KG (12,000 LB)